Peeved Mass Effect 3 Fans Might Actually Get The Ending They Want

For several years, a growing number of people have enjoyed beating the hell out of Geth, mastering head-shots on husks and trying to save the entire, expanding universe as Commander Shepherd in the Mass Effect series of video games. But without giving too much away, a lot of those same fans are not pleased with how the series finally wrapped up in Mass Effect 3.

There have been online petitions calling for new endings, at least one complaint to the FTC, and seemingly endless stories about whether or not the game’s maker, BioWare (owned by current WCIA contender Electronic Arts), should give into fan pressure, especially considering the huge cost and time it would take to get it right — and the risk that whatever BioWare comes up with might still not please everyone.

Now the founder of BioWare has hinted that maybe the angry mob might get some sort of more satisfying with upcoming add-on content for the game.

Here’s the statement from BioWare’s Ray Muzyka, as quoted on cnet:

“We’re working hard to maintain the right balance between the artistic integrity of the original story while addressing the fan feedback we’ve received. This is in addition to our existing plan to continue providing new Mass Effect content and new full games, so rest assured that your journey in the Mass Effect universe can, and will, continue.”

Muzyka suggested that BioWare will release new “content initiatives” that will “help answer [fans’] questions” sometime in April. But first, he asked the game’s community to continue playing, and providing feedback. “I’d ask that you help us…by supporting what I truly believe is the best game BioWare has yet crafted. I urge you to do your own research: play the game, finish it, and tell us what you think. Tell your friends if you feel it’s a good game as a whole. Trust that we are doing our damnedest, as always, to address your feedback.”

So… this appears to be a non-committal commitment to doing something in response to fan feedback.

What is for certain is if BioWare and EA truly want the entire gaming world to hate them, they will create satisfying endings — and then charge a pile of cash to download it.

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