Lenovo Replaces Lemon Laptop… In Theory

The Lenovo laptop that Aaron bought at Best Buy just a few months ago was clearly defective. The company admitted it, and granted him a new computer. In theory. While he was told that a computer was on its way two weeks ago, there’s been no sign of it, and no indication of when it will ship.

Please help me, Consumerist! I bought a laptop from Lenovo, through Best Buy, the end of December, 2011. For a month, it’s a wonderful laptop, but the end of January, it won’t turn on at all. Great. After sitting on hold with Lenovo for hours, I send it to Lenovo – having to pay for shipping – and wait for two weeks to get it back.

When it comes back, it has a different problem – now it turns on, but it hard freezes every half an hour. Again, sit on the phone with Lenovo, they advise me to send it in. I ended up holding onto it for a few weeks to try to fix it, no luck. They had replaced the mother board (for “no power”) and I was out of options that I could check without voiding the warranty.

So I send it back – again paying for shipping – and two weeks later, when it comes back – the document stating “Replace CPU. Run stress tests. Unit passed all functional and hardware tests.” And yes, the exact same problem is popping up! After two weeks in the Lenovo customer service nightmare spiderweb, I’m assigned D, a customer relations rep, and the first time I’m given a direct number to contact someone. D said they would be replacing my laptop as it seemed like a lemon.

That was March 13th. I haven’t been told a ship date for my replacement, and I’ve been trying to get hold of D this week, to zero luck. I also haven’t had any luck finding any e-mail address to contact higher-ups. I sent a direct e-mail to the COO, with no luck. I’m trying to use this laptop for work, but it’s coming up on a three month hassle, and I’m pretty much fed up.

Please, Consumerist, please please help me get my laptop replaced!

We referred Aaron to a Lenovo contact who has reached out to Consumerist readers before. Let’s hope that he can wrangle a ship date out of them, and finally get a working computer for work.