If Earth Day Is Too Much To Handle, Just Turn Off The Lights For Earth Hour Tomorrow

We know, you’re too addicted to keeping your phone/tablet/laptop charged to go for an entire day without using any electricity, but how about for just 60 minutes during Earth Hour tomorrow? Come on, you can do it. We believe in you, and the world will be ever so grateful.

Over at Consumer Reports, they’re all about tomorrow’s lights-out hour, which starts at 8:30 p.m. ET. Earth Hour was started in Australia in 2007, and by last year more than two billion people in 5,200 cities and towns in 135 countries had joined in and switched off.

The event is designed to call attention to climate change, and is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. The good news is a new Harris poll says most Americans do turn off the lights, TV or other appliances when they’re not using them. And half replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones, use power strips and look for Energy Star appliances, among other things.

As it gets more expensive to save energy, however, people start making less of an effort — for example, installing a programmable thermostat, sealing gaps in floors and walls or adding extra insulation.

So since this is like, the easiest possible thing to do, no problem, right? Right.

Earth Hour imagines a planet temporarily unplugged [Consumer Reports]

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