We're Sure Legislators Are Happy The "Walmart Of Weed" Is In D.C.

Senators and state representatives are sure to get a hearty, “Howdy, neighbors!” from Washington D.C.’s new kid on the block, a company known as the “Walmart of Weed.” The company, weGrow, sells hydroponic supplies to medical marijuana growers and is set to open its first East Coast outlet.

The Associated Press (via the Chicago Tribune) says weGrow is arriving just in time for D.C. officials to announce who is eligible to apply for permits to grow the green stuff and sell it to dispensaries.

Don’t show up at weGrow looking for any actual marijuana (for you prescription holders, of course), as they don’t sell pot or seeds, just tools for those who do. After all, we’re not talking about your cousin Zack growing a few plants in his closet –¬†some project the “green rush” of medical marijuana to reach $9 billion.

So far, 16 states and D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, but it’s totally illegal under federal law for the rest of you.

Maybe they should hold a block party to make new friends in the neighborhood. Invite coming your way, John Boehner!

‘Walmart of Weed’ set to open near Capitol [Chicago Tribune]

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