Before You Replace Pillows, Give Them A Tumble

When your head has seemingly smashed all the life out of your bed pillow, rendering it a flat, misshapen mat, it may not yet be time to buy a new one. Washing it and tossing it into the dryer can give a pillow a new lease on life, fluffing it up like new.

Top Tips For Girls recommends tossing a pair of tennis balls along with the pillow into the dryer and letting it run for 15 minutes. Sometimes the process will leave your pillow lumpy and unusable, so only try it if you’re about to get rid of it and don’t care what becomes of it.

If you’d rather avoid the dryer, you can crush your pillow from its sides every morning after you use it in an effort to keep it fluffed up.

How to keep pillows fluffy and comfy [Top Tips For Girls]

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