An Actual Ton Of Sausage Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Listeria is a familiar, if not unpopular name to many Americans by now, as an outbreak of it spread last year, causing multiple deaths, through contaminated cantaloupe. Now the bacteria is having its way with a ton of ready-to-eat sausage from Texas, triggering a recall of a few products.

The Department of Agriculture says no one has reported getting sick yet from items recalled by Southside Market & Barbeque of Elgin, about 20 miles east of Austin, reports the Associated Press (via the Chicago Tribune).

Including in the recall are smoked and fully cooked meats, sold in Texas as well as through Internet sales in California, Florida, Illinois and Louisiana. The possible listeria contamination was uncovered during routine product testing.

Ar ound 2,373 pounds of meat in 16-oz packages of Southside Market & Barbeque Original Beef Sausage, lot number 065-E are in the recall, as well as 16- and 48-oz packages of Southside Market & Barbeque Original Beef Sausage, lot numbers 065-A, 065-B, 065-C, and 065-D; and 16-oz packages of Southside Market & Barbeque 1882 Hot Recipe Beef Sausage, lot number 065-D.

Consumers can contact the company by calling 512-285-3407.

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