Kraft Announces Their Snack Business Will Be Sold Under "Mondelez" Name

Wouldn’t it be fun to be in the boardroom meetings at big corporations when they’re brainstorming names with whatever consultants they’ve hired to insure a big impact? We’d have been stifling giggles if Kraft had let us in on the process of naming their snack spinoff business Mondelez. You know, like Condaleeza, without the “ah” sound.

The Associated Press (via USA Today) reports on Kraft’s big announcement today of Mondelez International, noting that the name was inspired by two Kraft employees. Turns out it isn’t named after Condaleeza Rice, after all. Dang!

The company says the name (pronounced mohn-dah-LEEZ) was inspired by the suggestions of two Kraft employees. It is intended to evoke the idea of a “delicious world” as “monde” is derived from the Latin word for “world” and “delez” as an expression of “delicious.”

Kraft said in August they’d be splitting into grocery and snack divisions by the end of 2012, in an effort to focus on each businesses’ priorities.

The grocery side will still be Kraft Foods Group, and will handle things like Maxwell House coffee and Oscar Mayer meats. Trident gum, Oreo cookies and the like will fall under the umbrella of Mondelez.

Mondelez as a name isn’t final yet — shareholders will have to approve it at a meeting in May. If it gets the okay, the name will start its reign before the end of 2012. It’s no Qwikster, but it is still kinda funny.

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