Who Knew Wearing Orange Shirts To Work Is A Fireable Offense?

Down in Florida, they love their oranges. Not just the citrus fruit, but at one law firm, 14 employees loved the color enough to all wear it to work one day. Too bad management had a bee in its bonnet over the color-coordinating and fired them all for donning orange en masse.

ABC News says the group of employees claim they had established a tradition of celebrating payday Friday with a happy hour outing, and wore the orange shirts to indicate they were a group while out celebrating.

The law firm where they worked wasn’t happy with the outfit choice, claiming the workers were wearing the shirts as a form of protest. Management called them into a conference room and then fired the lot.

Florida and other states are “at will” employment states, which means anyone can be fired for any legal reason whatsoever — even if your employer just doesn’t like the color of your shirt. The only exception is wearing something to protest working conditions.

Thank my lucky stars cerulean is okay by the bosses. It’s my favorite.

*Thanks to Kim for the tip!

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