Starbucks Expands Its Horizons With New Evolution Fresh Juice Store

Starbucks has made a name for itself, to say the least, with all things coffee, so now it seems they’ve decided to move beyond their bread and butter (or scones and coffee, as it were) and have opened their first Evolution Fresh Inc. juice store today.

The Wall Street Journal says they bought the juice makers last November for $30 million. The company had been selling juices in stores like Whole Foods, but will now have their own retail shops, starting with the newly-opened today location in Bellevue, Wash.

Each store will have, of course, juice, as well as wraps, soups, salads, vegetarian and vegan options and various other options for noshing. Evolution Fresh cracks, peels, presses and squeezes their own fruits and veggies and don’t use pureed or powdered ingredients.

Eventually, Evolution Fresh juices will also be sold in Starbucks stores later this year.

Starbucks to Open Evolution Fresh Store [Wall Street Journal]


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  1. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    Around these parts, “Juice bars” means they can’t serve alcohol…. because the dancers are completely nude.

  2. Cat says:

    How do they make juice taste burnt??

  3. legolex says:

    They spelled Vegetables “Vegatables”

  4. Princess Beech loves a warm cup of treason every morning says:

    Not too keen about the idea of “burnt juice”.

    Also, do they serve it in tall, grande, and venti sizing?

  5. tinyhands says:

    You mean Jamba Juice?

  6. f5alcon says:

    now they just need ronnie from jersey shore to be the spokesperson