Heroic Walgreens Clerk Puts Out Beef Jerky Fire With The Power Of Breath

Who would want to burn beef jerky? Sure, it’s dry, but it’s not the best tinder and besides, it’s delicious and arson is bad. A clerk at Walgreens recently saved the store from a fire when he discovered burning bags of beef and put out the fire.

It all went down in Waterloo, Iowa, according to WCFCourier.com, when a 15-year-old kid allegedly lit two bags of jerky on fire with a cigarette letter. His smoky work went unnoticed at first, until a clerk found the fire and “extinguished the flame by blowing on it,” say cops.

No need for fancy fire extinguishers when a good huff and puff will get the job done, eh?

The kid was caught on surveillance cameras lighting the fire with a cigarette lighter from the store on his way out, and was later arrested for first-degree arson.

*Thanks for the link, Kosmo!

Drug store clerk puts out burning jerky bags [WCFCourier.com]

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