Service Makes It Easier To Rent Out Your Driveway Parking Spots

We’ve already got online services for renting out our apartments or homes when we’re gone, or even borrow a strangers’ car — so why not use the Internet to rent out your driveway for parking? A new site does just that, giving people who live near airports, stadiums, movie theaters and more a chance to make some cash from their conveniently located homes.

GeekWire reports on ParkatmyHouse, a service that matches up drivers and property owners in Seattle. It’s already a popular thing to do in Europe, and they’vee expanded to New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. already.

Chief Operating Officer Alex Stephany says they’re simply providing a solution that works for everyone — those who have to live near popular venues and those who need to find parking.

“Our model of pre-booked parking eliminates the huge amount of traffic and car pollution caused by circling,” he said Stephany, referring to that annoying amount of time you spend constantly driving around to find parking.

It’s free to list a spot, and those who take advantage of the driveway spots (or in some cases, church parking lots or other businesses with room to spare) can save up to 70% per spot compared to meters or parking garages.

My parents’ house is located near the park in our town that hosts the Fourth of July festivities, and ever year he moves their cars to the street in case anyone we know needs a spot in the driveway. Time to make some cash, Pop!

ParkatmyHouse: Ready to rent out your driveway? [GeekWire]

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