Ladies, For The Last Time: That Bra Doesn't Fit You Right At All

We’ve heard it from Oprah Winfrey and your mother-in-law that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Perhaps you’ve seen it in action when you just can’t get the perfect fitting bra that makes everything lifty, happy and slenderizing. That’s why Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine took statistics to the test and held a professional bra fitting.

ShopSmart invited 45 staff volunteers to the fitting, and each and every one of those ladies was wearing the wrong size bra, more than proving that 80% number.

Women might not realize what a perfectly fitting bra can do — it can help you look thinner and have your clothes fit better, as well as alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain that comes from wearing the wrong style or size.

It can be expensive to have a professional to get that ultimate fit, so ShopSmart offers a few tips.

• A new bra should fit on the loosest set of hooks because it stretches over time.
• Make sure the middle section of the bra is flat against your body, if not you need a bigger cup size.
‚Ä¢ The band across your back should ride low and even, if it rides up, you’re getting less support.
• When you raise your arms nothing should lift.

Check out the video for more tip, as well as advice from ShopSmart editor-in-chief, Lisa Freeman.

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