Would You Pay $12,500 To Visit The Wreckage Of The Titanic With A Groupon?

We thought Celine Dion put the nail in the coffin so far as the cheapening of a historical event with “My Heart Will Go On,” but this new offering from Groupon goes to show that we’re not done profiting from the tragedy of the Titanic. For just $12,500, you can visit the final underwater resting place of the Titanic’s wreckage.

The Chicago Tribune says the vacation package, which includes the tour in a deep-ocean vessel, is valued at $59,680 and is offered through a partnership with Expedia’s Getaways.

The $12,500 price tag includes round-trip airfare, transport to the site via ship, the day exploration of the wreckage and admission to events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the crash that killed 1,517 people. There’s only one unit available, however, and that lucky buyer will also get a DVD of Titanic signed by — no, not the real guy — a Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator.

It’s not that going on the tour isn’t kind of a neat experience, as the story of the Titanic has always held fascination for history buffs and normal folk alike, it’s just the auctioning off of the visit for morbid sightseeing’s sake that feels a bit… icky? But anyway, collect your pennies and buy, and you could be whispering, “Jack, Jack, I’ll never let go,”* on the ocean floor.

*Spoiler alert! She totally let go.

Groupon offers $12,500 trip to Titanic [Chicago Tribune]

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