Hire Someone Else On Your Flight To Deal With Your Screaming Kid

The worst part about flying with your kids when they go into meltdown mode is probably the repeated annoyed looks from fellow passengers and mutterings of “Why can’t they handle their own children?” while you’re frantically offering toys/treats/bribes. Touting a cure is Nanny in the Clouds, an in-flight nanny service to take those tantrums out of your hands.

FoxNews.com spotlights the Nanny in the Clouds model, which works thusly: Parents and nannies register for free, and when the parent finds a potential caregiver that happens to be flying on their flight, they pay $10 to the site to connect. Then they’re on their own to decide whether or not they trust that person to care for their child, and negotiate a rate.

The involved parties then decide on a place to meet, and for how long the nanny will take care of the kids — whether they take them on at check-in or just sit with them on the flight to deal with their needs and mood swings. Nannies submit references so parents can do a little digging before handing over their children.

As the founder puts it in a recent interview, “The mom gets childcare, and the nanny makes some extra money on a flight [during which] she otherwise would have been doing nothing.” And the parent gets to shrug and exchange looks with everyone else when the kid starts acting up!

Perhaps the parents of the screaming toddler who got the family kicked off a JetBlue flight last week or the mom whose daughter’s tantrum had a man triggering the emergency slide to allay her outburst could’ve used something like this.

Flying with Kids? Hire an in-flight nanny [FoxNews.com]

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