Check Your Tree For Signs Of Impending Death

By the time it becomes obvious that a tree in your yard is dying, it may be too late to save it. In order to avoid a costly, time-consuming removal project, it’s helpful to monitor your trees for signs that they’re embarking on a death spiral.

Gardening Know How warns you to examine your trees for these signs that all isn’t right. One telltale giveaway that your tree is hurting is an unseasonal lack of foliage. Brittle bark and a spongy trunk are also signs of weakness.

If you notice your tree is in trouble, take an inventory of its symptoms and talk to someone at a garden or tree shop. Your problem could be insects, lack of access to water or nutrient-rich soil, a fungus or some sort of disease, and all can be treatable with proper care.

Also, it’s important to note that tree care can be a safety issue. Weak trees can result in unspeakable tragedy.

What Does A Dying Tree Look Like: Signs That A Tree Is Dying [Gardening Know How]

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