Bloggers: TSA "Strongly Cautions" Against Writing About Security Loophole

It seems the TSA isn’t so happy about the dissemination of a blogger’s contention that you can sneak dangerous stuff through security by placing it along the side of your body. The blogger says reporters complained that the TSA tried to get them not to write about the story.

In an email to the blogger posted at TSA Out of Our Pants, one reporter wrote “I received an email from the TSA saying they would ‘strongly caution’ me against covering the story. They say you’re a man that “clearly has an agenda” and should ‘not be aided by the mainstream media.’ “

A writer at Smarter Travel also says the TSA “strongly cautioned” her not to write about the story, but she did anyway.

If the emails are genuine, attempting to browbeat reporters is a head-scratching PR move by the TSA that can only backfire and is nearly as embarrassing as the revelation of the supposed security loophole.

BREAKING: TSA Threatens Mainstream Media Not To Cover Story [TSA Out of Our Pants via Advice Goddess Blog]

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