Penguins Waddling Around On Delta Flight Elicit Squees Of Joy From Everyone Onboard

We’re a bit batty over airline news today, but this one just had to be posted: If anyone ever told you something unlikely would happen “when penguins fly,” you take this story and shove it right in that person’s face. Two penguins not only flew, but they traveled first class on the way to a premiere. Sure, they’re still technically flightless birds, but at least they got to see how the other species live.

Pete, 6, and Penny, 12, didn’t just kick back in first class on their Delta flight from Atlanta to New York, however. After the captain asked if anyone onboard was allergic to penguins (how would you even know if you were or not, notes the author, which is a valid point), the pair of foot-and-a-half-tall birds waddled down the aisle, says a first-hand account on Yahoo.

The 300 passengers on board were allowed to snap as many pics as they wanted, but were asked not to touch the penguins on their sojourn down the aisle. The twosome were heading to a screening of Frozen Planet, a series on Discovery Channel narrated by Alec Baldwin — someone else who has made airline-related headlines in the past.

But wait! This isn’t even the first time penguins have roamed the aisles of the friendly skies. Others have been caught on YouTube, and just last month, a trio of penguins surprised passengers with a walk-by on a flight from Orlando to New York.

I need to figure out how to get on one of these flights and then my life will be complete.

The video below shows the penguins stretching their legs on the San Antonio to Atlanta leg of their trip.

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