Man Without Cellphone Ticketed For Talking On Cellphone While Driving

We don’t have a problem with police officers enforcing laws that prohibit people from driving and talking on their cellphones at the same time. Where we draw the line is at the application of this law to a man who didn’t even have a cellphone in the car with him.

A man in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada says he was pulled over while driving with his wife last Friday. The police officers gave him a $199.80 ticket for violating the rules about driving while cellphone-chatting, but the man says neither he nor his wife were carrying — or even own — a mobile phone.

He pleaded with the officers to search the car to make sure he hadn’t stashed a phone out of sight.

“I told them, ‘Do whatever it takes. There’s no phone in here; never has been. I don’t know anything about the phone.’ But they won’t have it,” he told CBC News. “They were just going crazy, going to arrest me, and they were nasty to my wife as well.”

Adding insult to injury, when they went to the local police station to complaint about the allegedly bogus ticket, the man says another officer laughed and suggested that the ticket had been written to fill a quota.

So all that’s left for the man to do now is fight the ticket in court.

“We’re not going to stand for this. It’s just not right,” he says. “[This] is a lot of money for anyone, but especially when you didn’t do it.”

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