Even Business People Don't Like Bank Of America, Comcast

Fortune magazine just released its annual list of “Most Admired” companies in the world, which isn’t a measure of public opinion on big businesses, but a survey of top executives’ feelings on other titans of industry. So it’s no surprise that perennial Worst Company In America contenders like eBay, Walmart, and Microsoft made the list’s Top 50, it is refreshing to see that some WCIA faves are not so beloved.

For example, former WCIA champ Comcast ranked only 6th on the Telecommunications list, well below industry leader Verizon and #2 company AT&T. In fact, the only American telecom company to show up lower on the list than Comcast was Sprint, which actually brought up the rear of the pack in 17th place.

Then there’s pitiable ol’ Bank of America, current holder of the Silver Poo for its second-place finish in last year’s Worst Company tournament. On the Fortune list of most-admired Megabanks, BofA’s bad year (and hazy future) landed it in 13th place, the worst showing for any U.S.-based bank, several spots below #9 Citigroup.

You can check out which companies businessfolk admire the most and least over at CNNMoney.com.

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