Virgin America To Teach Upper Class Flight Attendants How To Whisper

When Virgin America airlines finally unveils its Upper Class Dream Suite later this year, passengers will be comforted to know that their flight attendants aren’t just talking quietly — they’ve actually been trained by a professional “whisper coach.”

The coach will tutor the attendants on “the tone, volume and sentiment cabin crew should use whilst talking to Upper Class passengers. His specialist training will also ensure that no passenger is unduly disturbed whilst sleeping and that all passengers wake up and arrive at their destination feeling rested and refreshed.”

Which sounds nice, but couldn’t you just tell the flight attendants to speak quietly?

Apparently no. Virgin says they have turned to science to determine exactly how the whispering should be done:

Trialled with several focus groups and test-flights, and formulated with input from speech experts, the appropriate level of volume has been identified and the crew are now trained to whisper at tones between twenty and thirty decibels due to its calming effect and the fact that it won’t disturb other passengers whilst lights are out.

The whisper class adds a full day to the training for Virgin America’s Upper Class flight attendants. So passengers who fly coach should be warned that their cabin crew will scream bloody murder at them in the middle of the night… or so we presume.

Virgin Atlantic’s Whisper Quiet Service []

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