School Fixes Typo On Menu Hawking White Supremacist Chicken Tenders

“Hey, kids! Want something tasty for lunch this week? How about some KKK Chicken Tenders? Oh. Oh NO. We meant Krispy and Krunchy.” So it went at four grammar schools in Massachusetts after a terrible mistake in menus that were sent out to 6,5000 students.

WBZ in Boston says the menu for school lunches was supposed to advertise “KK Chicken Tenders,” but the woman who typed it accidentally added an extra “K.” And we all know what three K’s together means — nothing good and definitely not how you want to describe chicken.

The typo went unnoticed until someone pointed out the mistake to the media the next day, whereupon the menus were immediately republished.

It seems the woman who made the typo won’t be in too much trouble, as the superintendent said she’s an “exemplary employee.”

Methuen Fixes ‘KKK Chicken’ Type On School Lunch Menu [WBZ]

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