Relieve Doors Of Their Stickiness With The Turn Of A Screw

If you’ve got a door that sticks when you try to close it, there are better ways to deal with it than slamming it in anger or cursing at it when it refuses to close all the way. You could go the textbook route and remove the door, sand it and remount it, or you could just try a simple trick that could save you all that work.

An old Yahoo Voices post recommends loosening the top screw of the top hinge a quarter turn. By giving the door a little extra wiggle room, it just might shut normally without protest. If the turn doesn’t work, you can try the same thing with the next-lowest screw.

If your door still sticks after loosening the hinges a bit, you can also try tightening them to see if that adjusts the angle well enough to eliminate the problem.

Fix Your Sticky Door with a Screwdriver [Yahoo Voices]

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