Diabolical Criminal Robs Banks With Nuclear Weapon Threats

Like a James Bond villain with scaled-down ambitions, someone in the Washington, D.C., area has managed to pull off a string of bank robberies by threatening to go nuclear.

According to police in Prince George’s County, MD, the man is believed to have robbed four banks in just the last couple of months. Each time, he is said to have handed a note to the bank teller demanding money or he would detonate a nuclear weapon.

Amazingly, in spite of never showing any visual evidence of said device, the tellers would hand over the cash when they should have been laughing in his face.

These bank employees need to brush up on their Cold War lessons. Or at least watch Dr. Strangelove:

Police: Suspect used nuclear threat to rob Pr. George’s banks [Washington Post]

Thanks to Anti for the tip!

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