Amazon: Your Order Hasn't Shipped Yet But Will Miraculously Arrive Today

Byron is an Amazon Prime member, so he knows he can get things shipped to him fast. How fast? Well, if Amazon is to be believed, it can get to him in less than a day, across multiple states, even if it hasn’t shipped yet. Magic!

He says he opted for 1-day shipping for a small fee, but there was a snag. Something tells him his order really isn’t going to arrive today. Oh, the suspense.

Amazon sent me an email this morning informing me that my order has not shipped (it is supposed to arrive today.) I contacted Amazon via chat to ask for a refund of the shipping cost that I paid (since I could have gotten 2-day shipping for free) and the representative assured me that, although my order has not yet shipped, it will arrive to me today. Funny stuff!

Funny stuff, indeed. In Byron’s chat with the rep, he’s told at first that the item is on a truck in Tennessee. When Byron expresses disbelief that the truck will make it from Tennessee all the way down to Florida in one day, as he has experience in the shipping industry, the rep just says it’ll arrive today. Again, there is no tracking number to watch its progress, as the item has yet to ship.

Who knew Amazon could work miracles?

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