3 Ways To Live A More Balanced Life Away From Work

Some work cultures require a commitment level that forces you to give up your supposed off hours for the benefit of your employer. If you don’t play the game to compete with others who overdo it, you may feel as though you won’t get ahead. But before you engage in the rat race toward burnout, consider whether or not winning would be worth it.

The most fulfilled and effective workers usually maintain some sort of balance. Without time to recharge and enjoy non-work aspects of life, days start to bleed into one another and you can end up in a cycle of despair.

One Money Design recommends these ways to keep work from impeding on your home life:

* Find a boss who is cool with you having a life. If your employer demands that your 40-hour workweek is actually 60 hours with a wink, you’ll either need to hash things out or find somewhere more reasonable to work.

* Set personal limits and stick to them. When you’re relaxing, there’s always the urge to do this or that to get a little jump on your workload the next day. Don’t indulge the whim. Instead, find some way to laugh, rest or play.

* Say no without guilt. When you’re asked to take on projects that will stretch you past your breaking point, give a firm negative answer along with a short explanation. Don’t apologize or ask permission, lest you allow yourself to be talked into doing something you know you don’t have time for.

5 Ways to Get More Work-Life Balance [One Money Design]

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