Have A Facebook Privacy Horror Story You Want To Share?

In just a few short years, Facebook has turned a networking site for college students into a multi-billion dollar business with hundreds of millions of users. It has also earned a reputation for blurring the line between what constitutes users’ private information and what data it can make available to interested parties.

Our cohorts at Consumer Reports are working on their annual State of the Net survey and they are hoping to hear from people who have had negative experiences with Facebook.

For example, have you ever lost (or not gotten) a job because of something posted on Facebook? Or have you found out that your Facebook status has somehow had an impact on your insurance, credit score or bank accounts?

Considering you’re reading this on Consumerist, you are probably using the strictest privacy settings Facebook allows. Even so, have you ever seen or had reason to believe that your information was shared in a way you hadn’t anticipated, especially with unpleasant results?

Or maybe you’re one of these people that believes in being completely transparent online and hides nothing while sharing everything? We’d love to hear from you too.

If you have a Facebook privacy story to share with the Consumer Reports folks, shoot them an e-mail at tips@cr.consumer.org and you may end up in the next issue of CR.

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