3 Things Not To Buy Online

In many cases it’s prudent not to buy things at retail, because you can usually find them cheaper online. But due to quirks inherent with online shopping, there are some things you’re still better off heading out to a physical store to buy yourself.

Main Street suggests sticking with brick-and-mortar stores for these items:

* Heavy stuff. What seems to be an amazing deal may not be so great after you add shipping to the equation. Sometimes deep-discount sites charge low prices but sneak in outrageous shipping fees, hoping you won’t notice as you click through the sale.

* Groceries. Shopping markets don’t operate with much profit margin, making it tough for online grocers to compete. If you use coupons and play the price-matching game, you can almost always find the best deals in person.

* Clothes. The inability to try things on to make sure they fit properly is the tipping point here. Also, retail stores tend to aggressively price items when they’re intent on clearing out stock, often allowing for better dealers than you’ll find online.

5 Products You Shouldn’t Buy Online [Main Street] (Thanks, Kali!)

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