3 Things Not To Buy Online

In many cases it’s prudent not to buy things at retail, because you can usually find them cheaper online. But due to quirks inherent with online shopping, there are some things you’re still better off heading out to a physical store to buy yourself.

Main Street suggests sticking with brick-and-mortar stores for these items:

* Heavy stuff. What seems to be an amazing deal may not be so great after you add shipping to the equation. Sometimes deep-discount sites charge low prices but sneak in outrageous shipping fees, hoping you won’t notice as you click through the sale.

* Groceries. Shopping markets don’t operate with much profit margin, making it tough for online grocers to compete. If you use coupons and play the price-matching game, you can almost always find the best deals in person.

* Clothes. The inability to try things on to make sure they fit properly is the tipping point here. Also, retail stores tend to aggressively price items when they’re intent on clearing out stock, often allowing for better dealers than you’ll find online.

5 Products You Shouldn’t Buy Online [Main Street] (Thanks, Kali!)


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  1. agent 47 says:

    Listmania 2012 continues.

  2. benbell says:

    Main street has never heard of Amazon Prime.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      This. I got a rowing machine delivered for free.

    • PHRoG says:

      Amazon Prime member here too and I just love getting 2nd day shipping on an 80lb item…however, should you not be happy with the item, it’s gonna cost a pretty penny in return shipping charges.

      As much as I hate wally world, most large items I purchase are also available through them and their site-to-store shipping option. It takes longer than Amazon, about a week for me, but if I’m not satisfied with the product, I can return it for a full refund and not worry about return shipping costs.

      Everything else? Amazon FTW! :D

      • haggis for the soul says:

        You can also have heavy things sent from Walmart.com directly to your house with free shipping, sometimes. Then you only have to wrestle it in from outside.

    • catskyfire says:

      If you’re willing to drop the 80 to start with.

      • AngryK9 says:

        It is worth it. I thought the same thing at first. I thought “Damn, spend $80 on Monday to get this item by Wednesday for free? BAH!”

        But I did it, and have saved probably $400 or more in shipping charges in the 8 months I have been a member. Add to that the free streaming movies and TV shows, and various other discounts and deals that often come up for Prime members…it turned out to be well worth it to me.

      • HoJu says:

        I paid for Prime last year. Then, over the course of the year, a few deliveries arrived in 4 or 5 days and each time I’d call them and they’d refund a part of my Prime until, in the end, it was completely refunded.

      • Bob Lu says:

        best $80 I ever spent in my life.

      • s0s has a chewy nougat center says:

        Totally worth it. My stuff has ALWAYS arrived on time, and many times has gotten there the next day, even when I opted for two-day shipping. The only times I have ever had delivery issues, they have been the fault of some moronic UPS driver, not Amazon.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        since i also use the amazon prime streaming video, it’s completely worth it to me. especially when i order heavy stuff!

    • AngryK9 says:

      Yes. It’s the best damned $80 I’ve spent in a long time. It has paid for itself several times over with the money I’ve saved on shipping.

    • BurtReynolds says:

      Exactly. I saw a mattress on there that was Prime eligible. I’d pay the $3.99 for overnight just for fun.

  3. Cat says:


    Because it’s free.

  4. deathbecomesme says:

    Get an Amazon Prime account and never worry about shipping again and never shop at Walmart again!

    • KyBash says:

      . . . until it arrives broken and you have to return it, or it’s not exactly what you wanted and you want to return it, or the UPS guy decides to keep it, or it stops working in the first three months and you need to return it . . .

      • PHRoG says:

        Have you purchased through Amazon before? They have got to have the most simple, common sense and easy to use returns system I’ve ever seen! I just got a microwave from them that looked like it was beaten by 2×4’s on it’s way here. Upon opening the package, sure enough the microwave sustained serious damage, had to bend the door back after opening it just to get it to shut again.

        To return it? About 2 minutes on Amazon’s website and they are already shipping me another free of charge. ;)

      • Portlandia says:

        Wow, why not tell them to get off your lawn while you’re at it.

        You’ve probably never bought anything from Amazon before, have you? They have an amazingly easy return policy, if it’s broken or not as described or virtually short of “i just didn’t like it” they will pay for return shipping. Also, if something goes missing they will ship out a replacement right away or give you a refund.

        I buy virtually everything from amazon now, some things cost a buck or two more but it’s worth it to avoid a trip to some stores. Example, I was working on a home project and needed a couple tools and some parts. I could have trudged down to Home Depot but instead I ordered it from amazon a couple days before I needed it and it was at my door waiting. No big box store to deal with no check out lines, it’s great.

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          this. my sister ordered a fancy cat drinking fountain for me for christmas. it didn’t work, out of the box. she went informed amazon online, they sent her a shipping label to print and put on the box and she sent it back, where it passed the replacement en route. it would have been slightly more difficult if she had to drop it at the post office but she sent it with the postal pickup from her office.

      • allknowingtomato says:

        Amazon Prime member here. Every time an item has arrived with a problem, i call Amazon. I have found them able to resolve the issue without extra spending on my part.

        most recently, a cat toy multipack I purchased did not come as described (missing a peacock feather that was supposed to be included), and risers to raise my bed for storage immediately broke. At first the CSR told me the standard “you can ship the items back for a refund,” but i was able to explain that i should not have to incur further cost because they had shipped me weak and incomplete merchandise. i offered to send pictures of the items, and the CSR was able to simply provide a refund of the broken risers and a partial refund for the missing item.

        Using an Amazon Prime membership demonstrates that you expect to make so many purchases through Amazon that the $80 for shipping perks is worth it, but that you expect premium treatment in return for your $80. I have never had a problem voicing those expectations, nor having them honored.

  5. caradrake says:

    My husband just got a 100-pound heavy bag from Amazon. Thanks to Prime, shipping was free. Not only would it have sucked to try to carry it from the store/from the car, but trying to fit it in the car in the first place would have been nearly impossible!

    Instead, we got it delivered to our house, for free – and the UPS guy even put it in the garage for us (although I think he asked to do that so he wouldn’t have to cart it up the stairs to our front door).

  6. Dr. Ned - This underwear is Sofa King Comfortable! says:

    *Neil Hamburger voice*

    Looks like another ‘List‘eria outbreak!

    I said, it looks like another ‘List’eria outbreak!


  7. Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

    In other words, if you are dumb and don’t understand the terms and conditions of what you are buying, don’t buy it online.

    NewEgg with free (even on some 50″ plasma TVs) or easily readable shipping charges?

    Clothes- I am a guy with a very limited wardrobe. If I see something that I have bought before (Dockers, Rockport M7108 Prowalker shoes in 9XW, generic polo shirts for work) why shouldn’t I buy them online?

    • Portlandia says:

      Don’t argue with Phil and his interminable list of lists. I think he gets all his “inspiration” for posts from the sub-reddit r/lifehacks.

  8. DoodlestheGreat says:

    For clothing, it’s sometimes better online, especially if it’s for basic items that are always in stock: socks, underwear, t-shirts, gloves. Sometimes a retailer like Eddie Bauer will have a better deal on these things online than is available at their brick-and-mortar stores. Like everything else, it pays to shop.

  9. Thyme for an edit button says:

    Heavy stuff? Groceries? Clothes? SRSLY? I have found these to be great things to get online in terms of price and convenience.

    I think WE can come up with a better list of things not to buy online:

    1. Giraffes. I find that packaging is never adequate and my giraffes are never fresh. One came with a crooked neck. Unacceptable!

  10. quail says:

    Don’t buy clothes online? Unless your weight fluctuates throughout the year or you’re not buying from a good retailer, then yes — don’t buy your clothes online.

    Buying your clothes online can be the only way to be sure of getting the quality & fit that you want. Brick & mortar stores have drastically cut their wares and their quality in the last few years. If you don’t live in a major city, online may be the only good way to get decent clothes.

    • Buckus says:

      Buying clothes that you have bought before or in the same style, sure. But buying NEW clothes that you’re not sure will fit, or not sure how a certain style will look on you, that is hard to do on the Internets.

      • DubbaEwwTeeEff says:

        Not if you find an online store with a good return policy at their brick and mortar equivalent. My wife buys from Kohl’s online all the time, gets a bunch of different things in approximately-correct sizes, then returns whatever doesn’t fit – no questions asked. The selection is better online and often the prices are too.

    • taserian says:

      Agree. As a tall person, I can confirm that brick and mortar stores carry very little in my size (XLT) and preferred style (mostly solid colors), and they tend to be overpriced to boot. I can find better deals online for clothes that fit me and that fit my style.

      • pythonspam says:

        Another Tall guy reporting in.
        If the store does have my size, it is in Big&Tall, which are rarely on sale even when ‘Everything Is On Sale.’ Sometimes you luck out and find something on clearance, but I’ve found its just better to buy online from retailers that you know have the correctly-listed size in stock and have friendly return policies.

      • BurtReynolds says:

        Same on the flip side of that. I can rarely find shirts or pants in my size at B&M stores.

    • LizziePoo says:

      Sorry, but if you’re a girl, it is astoundingly difficult to buy clothes online and be sure they will fit properly, even if it’s a retailer you know well. Sometimes the cut of a pair of pants will differ in how they fit even if everything’s the same except the color. Same goes for shirts. You men would be horrified at the efforts we women have to go through just to get clothes that fit us properly.

      • Dallas_shopper says:

        Agreed. I’ll buy shirts and skirts online since they’re more forgiving, but I won’t buy pants or shoes online. I also won’t buy anything I can’t return later. Kate Spade’s website has some awesome clearance deals sometimes, but I won’t bite because all sales are final. I’d hate to drop $200 on a dress that was originally $500, try it on, and find that it doesn’t fit. Even when you use the sizing charts, there’s no guarantee an item will fit.

        Old Navy and JC Penney both are terrific about accepting returns of items bought online, so I buy from both of them pretty confidently. I recently returned a coat to JCP because I bought it one size too large. It ran bigger than I thought it would. So I hauled it up to the store with my receipt and exchanged it for a smaller coat. It couldn’t have been easier.

    • mister_deez says:

      I agree. Unlike women’s clothes, men’s sizes are fairly standard across brands. It is especially good if you buy from brands that you know your size, have a brick and mortar store for returns/exchanges, and/or have a good return policy.

  11. curiositykt says:

    Heavy stuff?! but these are the best things to buy from amazon other places with flat rate, cheap or free shipping – I don’t have to lug them to and from the store to my car and from my car to the house, they magically arrive on my doorstep!

  12. kosmo @ The Soap Boxers says:

    I buy all my jeans online. It’s pretty much impossible for me to find 30W/34L jeans in a brick and mortar store.

    • ChuckECheese says:

      Why don’t you just get your shins shortened?

      • The Porkchop Express says:

        or eat all your meals at the Heart Attack Grill. 34/34 has to be easy to find these days.

        P.S. 30/30 is also hard to find sometimes.

      • kosmo @ The Soap Boxers says:

        That reminds me of a scam from many years ago. This guy was going around pretending to be a former NBA star (Bill Russell?) in order to scam investors, but was something like 8-10 inches shorter than the actual guy (and had very little else in common aside also being African American).

        The explanation … he had a chunk of bone removed from each leg to make it easier to fit into his sports car.

    • MaytagRepairman says:

      I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I knew I wanted Levi’s 505s and that they would be hard to find in my size. Went online to JCP and bought a pair in each color.

    • Buckus says:

      You’re not fat enough. Fatten up, skeletor, and then you can shop retail. :)

    • Kuri says:

      Use a belt?

      • kosmo @ The Soap Boxers says:

        Yes, I do. Don’t even get me started on how difficult it can be to find a belt without resorting to the boys section (which I refuse to do, seeing that I’m 36 and all).

        @ PorkChop – I eat quite a lot of meals at places that are “bad for you” (too many) but it isn’t catching up to me yet. Basically, high metabolism + the ability to actually stop eating when I’m full.

  13. Hi_Hello says:

    i bought a hitch online… freee shipping.

    I buy my sneakers online…

    • TheMansfieldMauler says:

      Yeah, same here – hitch, side rails, brush guard, several other heavy items. All shipped free and with +10% price match guarantee. Why drive somewhere and pay sales tax to boot?

  14. falnfenix says:

    size charts are an online shopper’s BEST FRIEND. also, shop from companies with good customer service and a good review system.

    example: motorcycle gear sortof falls under the “clothing” category, since it’s things you wear on your body. newenough.com (now motorcyclegear.com) has a FANTASTIC customer service team AND they try everything on themselves to better help their customers.

    modcloth is another company that actually has sizes based on their size charts, and their review system allows reviewers to state whether an article of clothing was true to size, larger, or smaller than expected.

  15. AngryK9 says:

    I don’t try clothes on in the store as it is. I don’t know who (or what) has been in those clothes before me. I know what size I wear in pretty much everything, so I don’t need to try things on. If I get something that is too small, I donate it. Waste of money? Perhaps some would see it that way, but since I donate what I don’t use I see it as making a charitable contribution.

  16. Portlandia says:

    For those who don’t want to click through all six pages of the article, the other two items are “cheap stuff” & appliances.

    Phil, again with the lists! I think you’ve been reading the sub-reddit r/lifehacks too much. Also, linking to a site with the freaking lists on individual pages….I HATE IT when sites do this.

    Pretty much the only thing that makes sense on here is groceries and MAYBE appliances.

    1- Heavy stuff – Perfect reason to get them online is because you don’t have to lug it to/from the store. Obviously, watch shipping costs but seriously, Seriously, bought a whole bedroom set for a guest room on overstock. $3 shipping

    2- Clothes – I have a couple brands I buy faithfully, this is a great place to take advantage of online sales or coupons without dealing with the stores.

    3 – Cheap stuff – This isn’t always the case. I buy a lot of small stuff on amazon because I hate going to Walmart and Home Depot or wherever to get it. So, it’s shipped for free with prime and it arrives in a couple days.

  17. outinthedark says:

    Wow I disagree with every single point.

    – Heavy Stuff – Just recently purchased office furniture from Amazon. Cheapest place for my desk/chairs and free drop shipping. Shipping costs should always be factored into purchases regardless of size.

    – Groceries – Amazon’s subscribe and save is an amazing deal on dry goods. Coffee deals are tremendous with S&S.

    – Clothes – My wife buys most of her clothes from the online retailers and if they don’t fit as she wanted she can return them for free or exchange them in store. I personally use Zappos for shoes and their return policy is amazing.

    • caradrake says:

      I know I’m posting late but I hope you or someone else sees this! I just ordered my first pair of shoes from Zappos. Their return policy says you have a year to return them, but they must be in original condition.

      Does that mean that once I wear them, I can no longer return them since they are used? These are boots intended to be used for riding horses, so if I go to the stable and realize they won’t work, I’d rather not be out $100!

    • veritybrown says:

      Typically, when I buy groceries online, it’s because the items in question aren’t stocked by a local brick-and-mortar store. I live in a small rural town. I can’t get SAF Instant Yeast any way EXCEPT online (unless I want to spend even more money than shipping would cost on driving to the big city). Our supermarket stopped carrying Better-Than-Bullion; where am I supposed to get it if I can’t buy groceries online? I like to go Penzey’s brick-and-mortar store, but that happens once every couple of years. I need spices more often than that, and I want good ones, not the limp stuff at the supermarket.

  18. wrbwrx says:

    It is often a lot cheaper to buy clothes online if you know exactly what you want.

    For example, i want to buy some clothes from Patagonia. There is a Patagonia store in Boston
    that i could drive to, but i would put 16 miles on my car ($8 govt rate), $4 in tolls and $15 for parking. This does not take factor the cost of 1-2 hours of my time.

    Or i could buy from zappos vip, while spending time with my family and have it delivered to my house next day. Other than INSTANT gratification, I make out.

    • Onesnap says:

      Agreed. My Patagonia snow pants were on sale for $95 off online. That same pair of snowpants in all the stores was $95 more. For me to drive to the store, pay for parking, gas and tolls and spend $95 more…not worth it.

      Clothes online are cheaper. Not paying a brick and mortar ‘surcharge’–as I like to call it…cheaper.

      Also, totally random but it’s cheaper to buy toilets online versus going to HD. Weird.

  19. RiverStyX says:

    Naturally, Phil continues with his insane posts..And as usual, I’m here to debunk it.

    Clothes are generally ok to buy since a lot of places list size measurements – and how hard is it to get small/medium/large right?

    Amazon has been selling groceries online for a while now, and when I worked for UPS our most popular item was frozen steaks in coolers (And victoria’s secret orders, but that’s another story)

    Heavy stuff can be alright to buy depending where you get it from, the USPS ships heavier items cheaper per pound then lighter stuff via Parcel Post..Recently I shipped 23lbs of a certain item and it was able to go priority for only $15. I never run out of interested parties when I price it at that rate.

    So there you have it =)

  20. Mighty914 says:

    Heavy stuff…I got my TV online. Free shipping.

    And as several others have said, Zappos FTW for clothes.

  21. shibotu says:

    Illegal drugs are about the only thing I wouldn’t buy online. I always figured they were fake.

  22. Jacob says:

    Even heavy things (like cribs) can be purchased online cheaper than locally, if the local seller over inflates prices (like Babies’R’Us).

    On the other hand, returning heavy items bought online is nearly impossible (unless you like burning cash).

  23. oakwood396 says:

    Clothes – proper fit is not the tipping point, if they don’t carry your size in clothes (or shoes for that matter). If you are too big Brick & Mortar stores just do not have the volume to justify stocking larger sizes.

  24. Onesnap says:

    I disagree. I save a lot of money (for both me and my husband) buying clothes online. If you find a brand you like, and also score a time with a discount plus free shipping you end up spending less than the same store at the mall.

    I get a lot of compliments on my work clothes and the majority cost between $7-20. I can tell you right now those same items (at the mall) are a heck of a lot more.

    If you find a brand you like, stick with it. Chances are you’ll be rewarded for your customer loyalty if you pick the right brand (e-mail coupons).

    To tell budget conscious people *not* to shop online–in today’s economy–is just foolish.

    • BurtReynolds says:

      Don’t forget click through cash back through ShopDiscover or sites like FatWallet. It can sometimes be an extra 10% off.

  25. Vielle84 says:

    I love buying clothes online; once I’ve found my size/style in-store, I just order from Amazon. Mom/Student Prime membership FTW– saves me from the paranoia of crotch-rot n’ titty stank from some lady that doesn’t wear unders.

    As for heavy stuff, I bought a Haier washer free of shipping; a semi rolled right up to my apartment (props to the skilled driver) and dropped it off.

    Unless the the cost of gas + tax is less than shipping (which isn’t often), I’m quite content to purchase just about anything (save for groceries) online.

    • Onesnap says:

      agreed! I like to avoid crotch scary situations myself. I also like the fact that my most recent bathing suit was $14 ($7 top and bottom) online versus well over $50 in the store. IMHO, online sales are better than those in stores. Many stores artificially increase prices for sales (Khols anyone?)

  26. history_theatrestudent says:

    Many people the size issue is why they buy clothing online. Individuals who need for example tall sizes may have to go online. I tend to need an extra inch or two on my sleeve length even though the chest size measurement isn’t an issue with most clothes. Shoes are another issue. Many stores just don’t carry much selection for comfortable footwear an anything above a size 13 mens. This is even more true for those living in rural areas.

  27. MikeVx says:

    I order shirts and pants from Blair via the website regularly. My size range is scarce and/or expensive at B&M stores. I just use this amazing thing called a size chart, and I have 3 of those clothiers fiberglass measuring tapes, I have no idea where they came from, but I have them. Ordering clothing has not presented a problem yet.

    As for big stuff, around 15 years ago, I ordered a big (for the time) TV, web-order was my only option as multi-system TVs are not a popular shop item in the US. The set showed up at my hired mail box, and I got a friend with a pickup truck to help me get it to my house.

    Cheap stuff – I end up web-ordering a lot of small items that are only really readily available on-line precisely because the concentrations of people who need them are low and it is not worth most B&M stores time to bother.

    Web-order is also great for getting accessories and spare parts for electronics over a month old. (It seems that is how fast spares go unavailable from local sources). And there is just no serious option other than web-order for things like new keyboards for 10 year old laptops.

  28. Scuba Steve says:

    A second point about clothing: What may look a certain color or way in one lighting will look completely different in another. That “green” sweater may be lime, or it might be puke green. It’s too easy for the camera to distort what you see on the internet.

  29. DrRonster says:

    Heavy Stuff? I make sure to get all my bulky or heavy merchandise delivered free. Speakers, TV’s, LCD’s and now looking at a treadmill or elliptical delivered free. Not only are the prices great, its just about effortless. Furthest any delivery was left from an entrance was about 2 feet. Theres a 41 lb ladder on homedepot.com that has a great price and free shipping.
    And Clothes?
    Hardly any of the clothing has to be returned. And if it is, its at someone elses cost. Shopprunner, Amazon Prime, etc. If anything needs to be returned to Kohl’s from me screwing up an order, theres one 2 miles away and their returns only take seconds.
    The only thing I shop outside for is groceries and gasoline.

  30. sparc says:

    bought a heavy tv stand online last week.

    Is Phil going to spank us all for violating the rules in his bad article?

  31. teqjack says:

    Groceries? Well, I would not* buy perishanles like bananas even with two-day shipping, but I do nuy coffee: it is the same price as at the store, and I get free shipping at Amazon because it is over $25. Oh, and non-dairy “creamer” too. And stuff that no grocery within 100 miles carries.

    And I am lucky enough to live in a PeaPod area, so I get regular groceries on-line as well.

    “Heavy” item shipping costs? Sneaky? I recently bought a 3 oz. item for $4, shipping was $4 as well. Which I paid quite willingly, as that is less than the bus fare to the places where I could buy it, and no three-hour trip (20 minutes riding in buses, 2,5 hours waiting at intermediate stops for transfers).

  32. Bodger says:

    Clothes are no problem to buy online, at least sometimes. If I’m buying something which I know is consistently sized from by some maker I get away with it all the time. Things like Dockers pants and New Balance trainers are easy as long as one pays attention and I’ve not had to send anything back for years.

  33. homehome says:

    Clothes are okay if you know your sizes. This probably would be more of an issue with women because I believe depending on the brand name a size could be bigger or smaller than another brand name. I have bought groceries online and I would again, but I don’t now cause I have 4 grocery stores within a half of a mile from me. Big things, depending on what it is, I would never buy a big screen tv online.

  34. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

    DAMN! And Amazon is running a killer deal on osmium-lined edible panties! FML!

  35. ansjc09 says:

    I’ve found better deals with online clothes shopping than in the stores…..not every single time, but plenty of times when I’ve wanted a specific item that may or may not be in stock in the physical store. On the other hand, I’ve found super awesome deals in store. Plus, most stores allow you to return items in store that you bought online, as long as there is a physical store near you; however, some stores have no return policies on “final sale” items, but it’s easy to find out return policies.

  36. BurtReynolds says:

    Between Amazon Prime, a free Shoprunner membership, Zappos, Shoebuy, and B&M retailers that allow online purchased to be returned for free shipping (Nordstrom) or in the B&M stores(Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers, JCrew, Banana Republic, LL Bean, and several others) I buy plenty of heavy things and clothes with free shipping, often free return shipping, or at least a free option to return the item instore.

  37. backbroken says:


  38. Outrun1986 says:

    I have to agree, ordering a heavy item online can be easier, especially if you don’t have access to a large vehicle to haul it. There are retailers who give free shipping on almost everything, or free shipping over a certain amount. If you are ordering an appliance you will likely clear that amount easily. This might also eliminate delivery fees that some places charge if you don’t have the vehicle and manpower to haul the item, thus saving you money. Or you would have to rent a truck to move the item, which would cost you more in the long run.

  39. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Does Amazon still have that White Glove service for things like TVs? I remember reading about that here and was dying to try it when my current TV bites the big one.

  40. Kuri says:

    I’m of the same mind about clothes. I needed a good winter coat and wanted a duster as, well, a properly made one is virtually waterproof.

    I was highly reluctant without trying one on and took a huge risk, but I’m unlikely to do that often.

  41. ancientone567 says:

    “* Clothes. The inability to try things on to make sure they fit properly is the tipping point here. Also, retail stores tend to aggressively price items when they’re intent on clearing out stock, often allowing for better dealers than you’ll find online.”

    Try it on in a store and then buy it online if the price is much better.

  42. alexwade says:

    I never buy laptop computers or TV’s online because I want the return policy if the thing is defective.

  43. discounteggroll says:

    amazon prime has solved all 3 of those problems…

  44. jp7570-1 says:

    I disagree on the clothes, in certain instances. I know that I can buy a particular Levi’s style and size and they will fit, regardless of if they are purchased in-store or online, The same goes for shoes – especially from Zappo’s who covers shipping both ways in case a return is needed.

    That’s my experience anyway. Others may differ.

  45. missminimonster says:

    I used to buy all of my clothes online when I was living in a small town because there were very few shopping options. I did it only after viewing the return policy and I made sure to stick with manufacturers I was familiar with so I would have an idea of how their sizing runs.

    The furniture I bought for my baby’s room was all bought online except the crib. I didn’t pay shipping at all thanks to Amazon. I have Prime but Super Saver would have applied as well. The only downside is that I’m positive that poor UPS man is preaching my funeral to this very day because I live on the second floor.

  46. Tacojelly says:

    Silly olds.

    For one, ease and convenience can factor into price. And if I don’t need to drive somewhere, I saved time and gas.

    Amazon Prime helps tremendously with “heavy stuff” and clothing stores offer great return programs with way more selection (and size variations) then you’d find at a retail store.

  47. The Cybernetic Entomologist says:

    If you buy heavy stuff online, Amazon Prime is freaking awesome.

    I also bought an item a few weeks ago that I needed by saturday morning. Usual vendor wanted $70 to ship a 1-lb item overnight with saturday delivery… 4 bucks on Prime, and it paid for itself. Loving it for cat food too.

  48. odoketa says:

    Also, groceries with limited availability (in rural America, this is a large list) are much cheaper online. E.g. Pad Thai noodles ($6/box local, $2/box online)