In These Tough Times, Even The Tooth Fairy Is Cutting Back

Current economic turmoil is so severe that it’s even reaching the magical realm. A survey of parents found that, on average, they were slipping a bit less money under the pillows of their gap-toothed munchkins.

LiveScience, citing the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, reports that kiddies’ rate of return for lost teeth dipped to $2.10 last year, down from $2.52 in 2010. The story cites figures that say 90 percent of parents give their kids money for their teeth, with the most common gift being $1.

Perhaps the Tooth Fairy is feeling stingier because she’s had some investments go wrong, or maybe she’s worried the wicked queen will unilaterally cease collective bargaining negotiations with her union. In any case, kids are walking around with less change in their pockets, no doubt putting the pinch on the front-of-the-grocery-store bubble gum machine market.

Tooth Fairy Cost Cutting Points to Still Struggling Economy [LiveScience via The Awl]

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