Have You Ever Sat Through A Timeshare Pitch For Cash?

Charlie wrote to us from his vacation, where he got a hundred bucks for ninety minutes of his time. Yes, he sat through a timeshare pitch. And he wonders, have others in the Consumerist community sat through pitches in exchange for cash or free trips?

As I write this I’m Hawaii having just completed a Hilton time share sales pitch. In exchange for a 90 minute presentation, I scored $100 to spend at this resort.

All in all an extremely pleasant and fair trade for my time while on vacation. While I find the idea of time shares to be one of the crappiest, foolish and dangerous real estate investments anyone ever make, I’m curious about fellow Consumerists and their experiences attending these time share pitches. And do you think that $100 is fair compensation for your time when attending one of these 90 minute sales pitches?

And have you ever walked in with a strong will and walked out owning a timeshare?

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