Report: Personal Info Of Some YouPorn Users Has Been Compromised

No, we know — none of you look at porn on the Internet. But some people do, and many of them have had their personal information compromised via a YouPorn-operated chat site that failed to secure its data. That means passwords, emails and other things you don’t want disseminated over the Internet.

The Associated Press (via the Washington Post) says the company that owns YouPorn has disabled the chat service after the leak. It’ll stay offline until the investigation into how the information was revealed is concluded. They add that since the chat site is run by outsiders and on separate servers, YouPorn itself was not breached.

“YouPorn continues to ensure that all appropriate measures and tools are in place to maintain the security of its infrastructure, and to safeguard the privacy of its users,” a rep said in a statement.

It’s still unclear exactly how many users had their info revealed, but anyone with an account should change their password just in case. Again, not that any of you even know what YouPorn is.

Company says YouPorn chat service has been taken offline after user data was compromised [Washington Post]

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