Pair Of Positive Experiences Reminds Chase Customer That Good People Work For Bad Companies

JPMorgan Chase is a regular fixture in our annual Worst Company In America tournament, but like most of the businesses in the WCIA brackets, there are a lot of decent people who truly want to help their customers.

Consumerist reader and Chase customer Dave recently got a double-barrel reminder of this fact when he had not one, but two (2) positive Chase experiences in just a few days.

Here’s the rundown directly from Dave:

First: one of my new year traditions is to order a gift card with whatever credit card points I have earned over the previous year. I selected a $25 Starbucks gift card. Normally they take a week or two to arrive, but after about a month I realized it wasn’t coming. The Chase rewards website listed the status as fulfilled. Not having much hope (and figuring there was a USPS worker somewhere drinking my coffee) I sent an email to customer service saying that I never received the card. I got a response a few hours later, on a Sunday no less, saying that a new gift card had been issued and should be delivered within two weeks.

Second: Yesterday I went to make an IRA contribution for the 2011 tax year. There is a Chase mini branch in a grocery store right next to my office. I went there but they did not have the required form to do the transfer. The manager offered to go and get the necessary form while I was shopping (there is a full branch 2 blocks away). I said that it wasn’t a big deal I would just go to there myself. When I got there, an employee was waiting for me with the paperwork, saying the manager had called and said to make sure I was taken care of without having to wait in line.

Lest you think he’s a Chase fanboy (read: Chase executive), Dave admits that the bank may deserve all the rotten tomatoes that are hurled its way.

“I might have just gotten very lucky, but Chase was really good for me,” he writes. “If nothing else I think we can all agree that they are much better than Bank of America.”

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