IKEA Finally Gets Around To Creating Assembly Videos

If you’ve ever tried to furnish a home or apartment without breaking the bank, you’ve probably come face to face with one or more of IKEA’s essentially wordless, diagrammatic assembly instruction booklets. And if you’ve tried to assemble something more complicated than an ottoman, you might have wished you could just watch someone else do it so you don’t screw it up any further.

The home furnishings retailer has finally gotten with this thing called “YouTube” and begun posting videos of actual human beings slapping together the many pieces of particle board, wood, plastic, metal and glass.

“We understand that not everyone is a natural DIY-er at heart,” explains a rep for IKEA, “so we have created this fun, easy-to-follow video series as an additional tool to lend a helping hand to our customers.”

The first video in the series is for IKEA’s Malm bed, the assembly of which once caused me to create entirely new curse words — not because I didn’t understand the instructions but because nothing quite wanted to fit together.

Finally, at Long Last, Ikea Releases Video Assembly Guides [Curbed]

Thanks to Grant for the tip!

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