Faulty Battery Likely To Blame For Electric Cigarette Exploding In Man's Mouth

Puffing away on an electric cigarette is viewed by many as a healthier option than the traditional tobacco smoke stick, but in the case of one Florida man the e-cigarette turned out to be pretty darn dangerous to his health too, after it exploded in his mouth.

ABC News says the man is now recovering at a local burn center after the incident on Monday night. His wife heard an explosion from their study that night, which she describes as sounding like a firecracker, and heard her husband scream.

The fire chief is blaming a faulty battery inside the e-cigarette as the likely culprit, and described the explosion as if the man was holding a “bottle rocket in his mouth.” Yikes, times infinity.

It’s unknown which brand he was using, but that the battery is probably a rechargeable lithium one. The man had kicked his smoking habit two years ago and used e-cigarettes to aid him in quitting.

Though many turn to e-cigarettes for the physical sensation of smoking as well as the flavor, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate them yet, which means you’re e-smoking at your own risk.

*Thanks for the tip, Casey!

Man Suffers Severe Injuries After E-Cigarette Explodes in His Mouth [ABC News]

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