Senator: Claims Of TSA Harassment Demonstrate The Need For Passenger Advocates

Following claims by female passengers that they have been harassed while going through airport security checkpoints, Senator Chuck Schumer from New York has renewed his call for the Transportation Security Administration to place passenger advocates in every airport terminal.

The latest allegations against the TSA come from women who say they have been singled out for more intensive screenings by male agents just because they are female.

One passenger recently told CBS that an agent asked her if she played tennis because she had a “cute” figure, while another traveler claims she was made to go through a full-body scanner three times because they wanted to get a better look at her body.

Whether or not you believe these allegations, Schumer believes that the presence of an on-site passenger advocate would help resolve these situations and keep any rogue TSA agents in check.

To that end, the Senator is introducing legislation that would:
*Require the TSA to establish an “Office for Passenger Support”

*Require every airport where TSA operates to have at least one TSA Passneger Advocate on duty at all times

*Mandate every airport where TSA operates to have clearly visible signage explaining that a TSA passenger advocate can be summoned

*Establish best practices to resolve frequent public complaints and conduct training of TSA officers to resolve frequently occurring passenger complaints

*Field advance notification calls from individuals with medical conditions or disabilities to pre-arrange for a screening process at the airport that ensures the safety of the flight without causing undue hardship for the disabled passenger.

“Going through security at our nations airports should not be a humiliating or degrading experience,” says Schumer.

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