New App Will Make It Easy To Delete Your Ex From Photos By Next Valentine's Day

Though you might be loving the one you’re with this year, by the time Valentine’s Day 2013 comes around, your lovey wovey snuggle pie might become “that jerk who broke my heart into a million pieces and ruined love forever.” But with a new smartphone app called Remove, you won’t need to even change your Facebook profile pic if you don’t want to — just take that ex right outta there.

Engadget tested out a prototype of the as yet unreleased app, by Swedish software makers Scalado. Remove works by taking a quick series of photos on your smartphone with a single press of the shutter button to create a composite image, and identifying potential objects you don’t want in the final photo.

Let’s say you snapped a pic in front of the Eiffel Tower and realize later that ugh, bummer — there are just too many other tourists flocking around ruining things. Simply tap on those unwanted objects later to manually remove them. Since it seems like objects might need to be moving, just instruct your significant other to walk into the shot with you or make some kind of movement, just in case.

Maybe you deleted your ex and now he or she is back in your life again and demanding to know where they went? You can load and re-tweak previous captures to restore those objects as well.

Go on and click away now, in the hopes that you can always erase that person later on if things don’t end up working out. It’s like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Photo.

Scalado Remove clears up your photos, we go hands-on [Engadget]

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