How To Transfer PSP Games To The Vita

Due out Feb. 22, Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld can’t play physical games from its predecessor, the PSP, because the Vita lacks a disc drive. But many of the PSP’s downloadable games will work on the Vita, and you can transfer them over via a relatively simple — if time-consuming — practice.

The PlayStation Blog has the rundown on the transfer process. If you own a PSP and a bunch of downloadable games that you’d like to move over to the Vita, you can download the games onto the new device by accessing the download list under your account settings.

If you’ve also got a PlayStation 3 with a bunch of free hard drive space, you can get a jump on the process by moving the games to the console via a USB cable, then transferring the games from the PS3 to the Vita. Moving the games via USB will most likely take far less time than re-downloading everything.

Before you attempt all that dirty work, click the source link for the list of 275 PSP downloads that will currently play on the Vita to see if your games are included. Sony is promising it will make more games available in the coming weeks.

How to Download PSP Titles to PS Vita [PlayStation Blog]


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  1. Guppy06 says:

    I expect a UMD fire sale shortly.

    Although it’s already typically true that PSP games older than a month or two are cheaper on UMD than via download…

    • BuntaFujiwara says:

      It’s aqlready happening on Amazon. Quite a few really good titles are 50% off. Really kinda bums be out having all UMD’s and not being able to play them on the Vita. So I’ll just hold onto my launch PSP-1000

  2. Cat says:

    I’ve decided the way to deal with it is NOT to buy the new Vita.

    I’ll just keep all my old PSP and UMD games, never download anything from PSN – including updates – and buy cheap used UMD games at pawn shops and game stores.

    And never buy anything Sony again.

    • Thassodar says:

      You still BUY UMDs? I hacked my PSP over two years ago and never looked back after they introduced the PSP Go with no UMD port. I still have a stack of UMDs from before, for nostalgia, but the homebrew games are worth it. Seeing the look on people’s faces when you play Super Mario 3 on a Sony console is priceless too. You should really look into it, it’s super easy to do and almost every PSP is hackable (there are a few serial number ranges that aren’t). I learned how in less than a day.

  3. GoldVRod says:

    Am I going crazy or didn’t the last PSP (Go?) not have the ability to read UMDs? Can’t be bothered looking it up but I’m fairly sure we’re three generations down from when the PSP could play discs.

    Although why any techie buys Sony products anymore is beyond me though. CD Rootkits anyone? Beuller?

    • Guppy06 says:

      The download-only PSPGo was offered alongside UMD-capable PSP’s. But it didn’t sell anywhere near as well as they hoped, so they canned it and now all they’re selling are the third-generation UMD-capable models (similar dimensions as the second-gen “slim and light” but with an improved screen).

    • nishioka says:

      > Although why any techie buys Sony products anymore is beyond me though. CD Rootkits anyone? Beuller?

      They quit doing that, recalled products with XCP on it, and I believe had to settle a couple class-action lawsuits as well. Continue to boycott them if you like, but I’m not going to be petty about something that was remedied seven years ago.

      (And besides, should I still be mad about Nintendo’s unfair licensing practices in the 1980s or Microsoft’s unfair software development practices in the 1990s? If console gaming is your thing, you might as well call it a wash.)

  4. tacitus59 says:

    I would love to get a Vita but no UMD support … no sale (at least for a long while). One of the number of reasons why I never bought a PS3 – lack of backward compatibility. By the time I was willing to buy a PS3 the BC had been removed. And to those buying stuff on PSN – if your PSP get broken or stolen any activations are gone any activations associated with the product are gone.

    I might eventually get a Vita but it will be years.

    • Cat says:

      My opinion exactly, only:
      “I might eventually get a Vita but it will be YOURS, you will sell me it used for under 25% of what you paid in a few years”

    • hansolo247 says:

      I made it a habit of buying the PSP games on PSN, and selling my UMD games and waiting for a PSN sale on those, as I knew the PSP sucessor likely wouldn’t have UMD.

      I still have the resistance game and the 2nd God of War to finish…hopefully I’ll be able to move the game saves.

  5. necrosis says:

    How To Transfer Downloaded PSP Games To The Vita


    • Scuba Steve says:

      Thanks for that clarification. Japanese people have the option to register their old UMD games to the system and pay a small fee to transfer them over to the Vita. Americans have to rebuy the older titles at what is most likely MSRP for older titles.

      • Cat says:

        Sony has always treated Japanese customers better. That’s some racist shit.

        Seriously, you can’t buy GPS, a camera, and tons of PSP games here, they’re only sold in Japan. Why, Sony, WHY?

  6. hansolo247 says:

    I’m curious if I will just be able to copy MP4 files from my computer to the PSV, or if I’ll have to install some lame media manager.

    • keen314 says:

      They’ve announced you’ll have to use some lame media manager. When you connect it to your PC, it doesn’t just show up as a hard disk, you need to use their crap to put files on the Vita.

      • vliam says:

        Well, if I had the slightest interest in it, that would take care of that.

        I blame the people that use iTunes. Companies use those numbers to justify stupidity like this.

        • EarlNowak says:

          Sony did this crap years ago, even before the iPod came out. You had to use a Sony program called OpenMG Jukebox to convert your MP3s to Minidisc format, and then you’d have to “check in” and “check out” songs from OpenMG to Minidiscs. You could only check out files three times, then they became unplayable without checking them in again, erasing the track from your disc. Forget it if you wanted to make a mix disc and give it to a friend, you’d lose that “check out” forever. Of course, you could just rename the original MP3 and re import it to OpenMG, then it would show up as a new file, and give you another three check outs!

          Does this sound like a miserable disaster? That’s the way it was *supposed* to work, let alone all the times the software crashed and burned and took the disc it was writing with it. Usually burning another “check out” at the same time.

      • hansolo247 says:

        That settles that. No Vita for me.

        It sounds like the purpose of this media manager may be to scan what you’re putting on and sharing it with Sony…no thanks.

  7. Hungry Dog says:

    I see no Pangya on the list. That makes me sad.

  8. Dre' says:

    Don’t care. Perfectly happy with my hacked PSP-2000 that was purchased second hand so as to not give Sony any of my money.

    Fuck Sony.

  9. amuro98 says:

    The more I learn about the Vita, the more sad I become. It’s definitely one of those “could-have-been-great” products but due to Sony’s greed and incompetence, I suspect it’s going to crash and burn – hard.

    Vita sales are already doing miserably in Japan, and why not? When you throw in the required, proprietary memory card, you’re already spending more on a Vita than a PS3 – and you still haven’t gotten any games yet! Then you have the choice of downloading PSP games at full MSRP or buying Vita titles for $40 to $50(!) apiece. And on top of that you still have to use a wonky media manager to move music and video files onto it?

    Seriously, Sony?

    Meanwhile…just about everyone in Japan has a smartphone, which has 4G (none of this 3G or 4G-LTE junk) a real web browser, and tons of games for a few bucks apiece. Yeah, ok, so you’re not going to get Uncharted on your Droid. Big deal. Most of the time I play games on my smartphone it’s because I’m waiting a few minutes for something – on the toilet, in the store, at a restaurant, in the car (although that’s more for the wife – I’m usually driving.) So a deep involved game isn’t going to really work in these situations. Do I still want deep involved games? Yeah. I still play those a lot….at home. On a large screen. Sitting in my comfy chair.

    Yeah I played a bunch of games on the PSP and DS but the niche they filled in my schedule has been almost completely filled by my smart phone or its sibling, the tablet.

    • BuntaFujiwara says:

      The PS3 launched at 249.99/299.99? Comparing the 2 is apples to oranges. You do realise its:

      a. A portable near PS3 quality device
      b. 7 years after PS3’s launch
      c. Does more than the PS3 does.

      You’re really reaching for straws, comparing a console’s price 7 years after launch to a newly released product that is portable is silly. And comparing (most) PSP/DS games to cell phone games is a joke. There are fantastic cell phone games, but you will never achieve a true gaming experience without physical interaction with buttons, joysticks and d pads. You can come close, but not close enough.

  10. Revolverkiller says:

    ive stopped buying UMDs YEARS ago and went digital. of course i use CFW on my original PSP and all of my games are UMD rips. I cannot wait to get a NGP…(i hate the Vita name)

  11. gooniegoogoo says:

    Reasons I’m not getting a VITA:
    1) No UMD Upgrade Path
    2) Another Proprietary Mandatory overpriced SONY Memory Format
    3) Has poor 3rd Party support written all over it like the PSP
    4) Very few Unique titles that actually take advantage of the PSVita’s unique hardware
    5) It’s gonna drop in price….FAST (we know it costs $ 160 to manufacture)
    6) AT&T for 3G is the best they could do…..AVOID

    • vliam says:

      Most of those arguments could be applied to any Nintendo device as well.

      Frankly, when you’re speaking of gaming systems, it’s a closed platform that’s tightly controlled.
      It is what it is. Which is, a luxury entertainment device.

      • tacitus59 says:

        Thats no completely true – the wii had gamecube compatibility and the various flavors of ds supportted the previous handleheld incarnation. (ds support gba?, 3ds supports ds,dsi) Sony wants you to rebuy your UMD collection at their inflated PSN prices.

        • vliam says:

          the various flavors of ds supportted the previous handleheld incarnation.

          Only if you believe that the DSi and DS are separate, unique platforms.

          If you believe that the DSi has held this tradition of supporting backward compatibility, then I’d put forth that the Vita is the successor to the PSP Go. Frankly, that’s the truth of the matter regardless how much that sucks.