A Midnight Sale Where Midnight Never Comes

Sloan thought that it might be worth it to stay up and online to check out an advertised midnight sale on BestBuy.com. “Midnight,” in the case of this sale, meant the stroke of 12 AM on the East Coast, or 11:00 in the Central time zone where Sloane lives. When 11:00 came and went with no sale, he called up Best Buy to see where the sale had gone. They assured him that it would start up at midnight in his time zone. That didn’t happen, either.

The email I received this morning advertised a 2/8 midnight sale to start at 12 ET / 9 PT. I have been in the market for a new ipod dock and new computer monitor, so I thought I would stay up to see what was offered. I jumped on the site around 11:10 central time (12:10 ET) and kept getting the same preview page as I had seen earlier in the day with the email blast.

By 12;25 ET, I decided to call customer service and see what the problem was and maybe to just get some information on what products were indeed on sale. 3 customer service reps and 20 minutes later, I was finally told that, although the email clearly stated 12 ET, the sale was not actually starting for those in the central time zone until 12 Central. I thought that strange, but by this time it was already 11:45, and so I decided to wait 15 more minutes. Well at 12:15 central time, there was still no change to the sale’s website page – still only listing a preview to the upcoming sale.

Again I called customer no service and was told the wait time would be less than 10 minutes. 18 minutes later, my call was answered – I was promptly put on hold and then eventually was disconnected while being transferred.

I must say that I remember a time when Best Buy was my absolute favorite place to frequent – but the service and support has continually declined over the last 2-3 years. I am extremely upset. But, although I would like some explanations, I no longer feel that finding tonight’s illusive midnight sale is worth it. Chalk me up as one more lost customer to Amazon.

Promising exciting sales that never come: that’s just mean. Sounds like someone at Best Buy Dot Com forgot to flip a virtual switch somewhere.


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  1. HomerSimpson says:

    Probably meant midnight India time (where the phone people are)….

  2. GMFish says:

    “Best Buy Fails to Deliver on Promise…. Film at 11:00. Or 12:00. Or 1:00. Or whenever we get to it, if ever.”

  3. Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

    “Best Buy was my absolute favorite place to frequent” and “I am extremely upset.”

    This progression sounds about right to me.

    • jeadly says:

      I remember a time when Best Buy was my absolute favorite place to frequent

      The year was 1996, Garry Kasparov fell to Deep Blue, Pokemon only existed in Japan, and you could only get books from Amazon.com.

      • jeadly says:

        Oh, man this is just too much fun! I’m gonna keep going.

        When I liked to shop at best Buy:

        The Cowboys tallied up their 5th (and final) Superbowl win.
        The Unabomber was apprehended.
        Michael Jordan led the Championship Bulls, setting the record for most season wins at 72.
        Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympics.
        Tupac got shot.
        The O.J. Simpson trial started.
        Bill Clinton won a second term over challenger Bob Dole.
        GM’s all electric car the EV1 was made available to the public.
        Apple bought NeXT Computers, essentially re-hiring Steve Jobs after he quit Apple to found the competitor.

        • sloane says:

          WOW. I did not realize that I was soooo late to this party. Some of these replies to my original post that point out how long its been since they’ve shooped at Best But are very comical indeed. I guess I have just been stuck in bad habits for too long – I’ve only recently started shopping on Amazon and ebay. I appreciate all of the other suggested sites that have been listed as well.

      • abruke says:

        I think in 1996 I was trying to keep my Tomagotchi from pooping all over the house..

      • Mit Long says:

        Let’s see, except for the two year intermission where I worked at CompUSA…I was working at Best Buy.

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      It’s like an introduction to programing logic.

      IF customer frequents Best Buy THEN customer is extremely upset.

    • TheCorporateGeek Says Common Sense Is The Key says:

      Only problem is that it took his progression way too long.

  4. HenryPython says:

    People still shop at Best Buy?

  5. Admiral_John says:

    Is this where I say something like “Isn’t Best Buy just an Amazon/Newegg showroom now?”

    • TrustAvidity says:

      No, I think it’s where you ask a question about whether it’s where you same something like that. :)

  6. PunditGuy says:

    I haven’t done one of these for a while, since the deals are rarely worth even a few minutes of missed sleep. Still, is he sure it wasn’t a caching issue on his end? Faced with stuff like this, I’ll at least try a (ctrl) + F5 or a different browser.

    • teamplur says:

      I missed the Amazon sale of Wii way back in the day. There was no specific time when it would be up. I kept hitting Ctrl-F5 waiting for it.. Finally at around 6am, i was getting tired of waiting and I went out for… something.. IDK, lets just say coffee. I was back in less that 30 minutes and by then the sale had come and gone. That was my fault tho, I only have love for Amazon :)

      • theblackdog says:

        I won’t go into how many times I missed an Amazon lightning deal this past Xmas because I was on the waiting list, went to go do something, and missed the prompt that I had hit the top of the list and had a chance to buy the product.

    • bhr says:

      That would be my concern. I’ve been in that situation with a couple sites, where they swear something has been updates but I can’t see it.

  7. BurtReynolds says:

    In my experience, the “Midnight Sale” is never anything special. I’ve also never noticed FatWallet or SlickDeals going nuts over some BB Midnight price.

  8. ThunderRoad says:

    One more nail in the Best Buy coffin.

  9. Yacko says:

    Kafka would approve!

  10. aleck says:

    Some people may still find a reason to go to a BB store. I can see that, they want to see the hardware, compare the picture, etc. However, I absolutely fail to understand why anybody would shop at BB web site. It has all the inherent suckage of the store: bloated prices, unreliable inventory, plus they charge tax. There are a million other places (Amazon, Newegg to start with) that will beat BB site in every respect.

    • TrustAvidity says:

      Agreed. The only time I would consider it is if they had some incredibly good deal on a video game or something. Even then it’s a gamble as to whether you’ll get it.

  11. DonnieZ says:

    I almost stayed up to see what was going on with this sale as I was in the market for some new monitors as well. Glad I didn’t waste my time for the sale that never was.

    (Did anyone ever find out what the deal with this was? It’s kind of a big deal when you advertise a sale and plain just don’t have it?)

  12. CornwallBlank says:

    And that’s why fascinating article on the inevitable destruction of Best Buy was written: http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrydownes/2012/01/02/why-best-buy-is-going-out-of-business-gradually/print/

    I haven’t been in a Best Buy in years, even though I live 1.5 miles from one. I’ll drive 10 times
    that distance and spend 50% to avoid them. I strongly recommend the same to others.

    • Darsynia says:

      This is an extremely good read and I recommend it very very highly.

    • sloane says:

      Thanks so much – That is indeed an excellent article. It articulated beautifully what customer service at Best Buy has morphed into over the last few years. This was my original reason for posting my complaint on this website. I, however, did not realize that I was soooo late to this party. Some of the replies to my original post that point out how long its been since they’ve shooped at Best But are very comical indeed.

  13. bender123 says:

    This happened for the “Silver” members of their loyalty program the week of black friday…the black friday items were supposed to be available on line the weekend before for silver members and the sale never showed up…then the sale showed up and wouldnt let you buy anything.

  14. Snullbug says:

    Best Buy – feh!

  15. Bionic Data Drop says:

    Best Buy does it again. It’s to the point to where shopping at Best Buy is like putting your hand in a fire. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who gets burned. Anyone with access to an internet connection can easily find out what kind of store they really are.

  16. Scamazon says:

    I thought Best Buy was dead… I saw the midnight sale ad, went there and experienced the same thing. It was either that or the prices I saw were the sale prices. Either way, I don’t shop at Best Buy anymore because of the massive suckage I have experienced whenever I shop there… (ALMOST worse than Fry’s electronics)

  17. ancientone567 says:

    LOL I don’t even believe I am saying this but I am using BestBuy again because my store started price matching anything I could find on the net even Amazon!! I did it yesterday with a nav unit and a printer.

  18. mentok1982 says:

    I advertised this sale on my site (even though it was not very fitting with my site’s focus) and I have been feeling bad about it ever since.

    I forgot to stay up and check out the sale, but from what I read it was seriously f’ed up. From what I can tell I think one of my users did actually buy something.


    Should I update the post with an apology for the horrible way the sale was handled or do nothing? It wasn’t really my fault but I do feel a little bad about it.

  19. mentok1982 says:
  20. We Have a Piper Down says:

    You’re “extremely upset?” Really? No money changed hands and you have plenty of better alternatives.

  21. krom says:

    “I must say that I remember a time when Best Buy was my absolute favorite place to frequent”

    Problem number one…

  22. tooluser says: