Bank Of America Doesn't Seem To Care That 'Dead' Customer Is Actually Alive

We thought the whole zombie fad was over, but don’t tell that to the folks at Bank of America who seem to be having some problems with deciding whether or not a customer is alive or dead.

The South Carolina man, who has been a BofA customer for around 14 years, says that the bank has been telling the credit bureaus that he’s been dead since May of 2009.

This would explain both the man’s hunger for human brains and why his credit report reads “file not scored because subject is deceased.”

“I went to Bank of America, I brought this to their attention and we’re working on 100 days now with no resolution,” he tells WIS-TV, adding that he’d been told it would only take 30 days to resolve. “It should be resolved within 48 hours, in my personal opinion.”

The whole “dead” thing has put a damper on the man’s plans.

“If we needed a new credit card, we have no way of doing that,” he said. “We are trying to obtain a home mortgage and we can’t do that.”

BofA tells WIS-TV that they plan on looking in to the matter. The walking dead says he’s thinking about calling a lawyer.

Bank of America declares live man dead []

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