Cablevision Does The Right Thing After A Quick Public Shaming

One way a company can avoid be taken to task by Consumerist on the wide world of webbernets is to have their product do what it should in the first place, or if that fails, at least have customer service reps ready to be helpful. When that fails, you can always pull a makegood and gain back a few points with us. Just a few.

Such was the case with Cablevision, after reader Nicole wrote in with her tale of Internetless woe. A month without Internet, after paying for Cablevision’s Ultra package which should’ve seen speedy service and a number of failed visits by engineers to fix the problem, combined with a whopping $400 or so in installation and service fees, and Nicole was about to tear her hair out.

After we posted her story, a Cablevision employee got in touch with us, and in turn, we connected him to Nicole. She sent in two updates:

We just talked to Jim from Cablevision, who was extremely apologetic and immediately waived all charges on our account. Right now he has the engineering and field teams working on the situation and they are hoping to have our issue resolved within one week.

Followed by:

As a result of everything, Cablevision rescheduled network maintenance which had been scheduled for the end of the week for last night. The network maintenance resolved our issue, and they agreed to wipe our bill clean, and start our billing from today. Thank you so much for all of your support.

While this is great news for Nicole, this kind of service should be the rule, and not the exception. Step it up, companies, so that the public shaming isn’t necessary in the first place.

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  1. Cat says:

    It’s so hard to shame an entity with no conscience.

  2. MeowMaximus says:

    Good for Cablevision, for finally fixing this problem, but shame on them for taking a month to do it. It should have been fixed on the first try. Makes you wonder what happens to their customers who DON’T have access to The Consumerist.

  3. homehome says:

    Was this the woman who was looked at chauvanisticly?

    • rookie says:


      • alana0j says:

        When I read that I pictured an almost cheesy scenario that you’d see on a terrible cable sitcom where a cable guy very blatantly either 1-looks a woman up and down with a smile or 2-stares intently at her chest while speaking to her

  4. hymie! says:

    While this is great news for Nicole, this kind of service should be the rule, and not the exception. Step it up, companies, so that the public shaming isn’t necessary in the first place.


    It shouldn’t be my responsibility to know the magic steps needed to find the one person who is willing/able to fix my problem.

    I’m talking to you, Comcast.

  5. WyomingGunAndHuntingEnthusiast says:

    So if I write in will Cablevision well Optimum where I live remove the $40 change of service fee that no one bothered to tell me about when I canceled my TV and Phone services and kept the internet? Or how about giving me a good explanation why I received a disconnect notice that says I have $44 past due even though the bill I received 2 days prior doesn’t show a past due balance?

  6. GMFish says:

    Step it up, companies, so that the public shaming isn’t necessary in the first place.

    Delivering on what you promised?! I hardly think there’s any profit in that.

  7. Gorbachev says:

    Consumerist should start billing companies for being the customer service reps.

  8. sirnic00 says:

    I made the mistake of switching to Cable vision once it only lasted 12 hours before I switched back to direct TV. The installer got screwed though thank god i didn’t cancel my Direct TV subscription once i test drove cable vision, I quickly realized the mistake i made.

  9. Ed says:

    This is absurd. They should get NO KUDOS for only doing what should have been done in the first place. They in now way went above and beyond to rectify the situation.

    What they should do is give her 3 months free service for her troubles.

  10. attackgypsy says:

    This was a management decision. No customer service rep has the authority to do any such thing.

    Hell, the tech support reps at one time could give credits, but about 4 years ago, management decided that it should be managers only. Why? It wasn’t because it was being abused, that’s for sure. When I worked there, I think the total amount of credits I gave out were under 100 bucks combined.

    They were afraid of mistakes. Because their old billing and tracking software was so clunky, it was horrible. It was an old DOS based program. And the slightest error would screw the entire account up. They used it for billing, appointments, repairs, everything. It was horrible.

    I hope they’ve upgraded since then. But I doubt it.

  11. MedicallyNeedy says:

    What a great company Cablevision sounds like but COMCAST customer service SUCKS!