Would You Shop At A Brick-And-Mortar Amazon Store?

Now that Amazon played a ginormous part in moving retail storse out of the malls and onto the Internet, they might be pulling a retro switcheroo and trying things the old-fashioned way with a brick-and-mortar store in Seattle. Reverse bandwagon!

Daily Finance says there are rumors that Amazon is readying its first retail store for a Seattle debut, perhaps in a mall to appeal to remaining mall rats and shoppers who like to see their purchases in the light of day before buying.

So will they be selling everything that’s available on the web site? Of course not, because that would be physically impossible. Instead, the trial store will feature Kindle products and accessories, along the lines of what Apple has done with its products. The boutique will also sell some book titles from its Amazon Publishing subsidiary.

Is Amazon a Mall Rat? [DailyFinance]

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