Look For Blockbuster Express Kiosks To Be Replaced With Redbox Stands

Redbox parent Coinstar is in a grabby mood this week, not only teaming with Verizon to create a streaming service to compete with Netflix, but buying Blockbuster Express kiosk-operator NCR’s entertainment vision, meaning all its rival kiosks will probably be taking on a reddish hue.

Engadget relays a Coinstar press release that says the company paid $100 million for NCR’s kiosks, discs and contracts with retailers.

The transaction should be completed in the third quarter of this year, but there’s no official word yet on when the expected Blockbuster Express-to-Redbox kiosk transfer should occur.

As the Blockbuster name continues to swirl the drain, try not to get nostalgic about the days in which your weekend rental choices were limited to whatever few dozen movies Blockbuster saw fit to stock.

Redbox snatches up NCR’s entertainment division, swallows Blockbuster Express business [Engadget]

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