How To Build Your Credit Without A Credit Card

While responsible credit card use builds up your credit history, reckless plastic spending can ruin your finances. If you don’t trust yourself with credit cards, you can opt for other ways to prove to financial institutions that you’re responsible with money and worthy of loans with reasonable rates.

A Credit Card Forum post tells you how to build credit without using cards.

Methods include setting up a certificate of deposit, then borrowing money from the account and repaying it.

A solid history of making student loan payments on time will also build your credit (and non-payment can really mess with your credit).

Even without much of a credit history, you have a chance of getting a car loan. But be aware that short histories often mean higher interest rates. So keep the loan size small and maybe delay your dreams of buying wheels your friends will envy.

The post also notes payments that won’t help your credit, including rent and utilities, as well as prepaid debit cards — not even Suze Orman’s.

If you’re concerned about spending your way into debt but still want to enjoy the benefits of plastic, opt for a secured credit card, in which you pay a deposit to a card company and use your card to access those funds.

How To Build Credit Without a Credit Card [Credit Card Forum]

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