Wendy's To Re-Interview And "Reboot" Employees

While Wendy’s has done an awful lot in the last few years to revamp its menu — new burgers, better fries, fresher ingredients — it hasn’t done much to update its staff. But that may change soon, with the announcement that the fast food chain plans to start re-interviewing its employees in an effort to only retain the best folks behind the counter.

Earlier this week, Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick talked about the company’s top-to-bottom overhaul, which it has dubbed Image Activation.

Not only is the chain going to roll out more remodeled eateries like the ones it began testing last fall, but, says Brolick, “we are working to enhance the entire customer experience, including… elevated food preparation standards and higher customer service standards.”

To that end, Wendy’s will begin undertaking a “people reboot,” by re-interviewing existing staffs and retaining only “5 star” staffers. The reboot will begin at only eight locations but is just the beginning.

And it’s not just the people making your food who will need to demonstrate their worthiness. QSR Web reports that the company will replace underperforming general and district managers as needed.

Wendy’s accelerates store reimaging, undergoes employee ‘reboot’ [QSR Web]

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