Dating Site Says Android Users Are More Likely To Give It Up On The First Date did some very scientific research in Canada, polling singles living up there beyond our borders, and found that Android users are a lot more likely than other smartphone users to put out on the first date. Maybe don’t use that as your pick-up line, however, if you spot someone with an Android phone.

The Toronto Star says the survey was conducted by online polling and survey site Zoomerang, and used 1,068 single Canadians as its pool. They found that 62% of Android users said they’ve had sex on the first date, whereas 57% of iPhone users said the same, and only 48% of those with a BlackBerry.

Not only are Androiders more likely to go home with you on that first date, 55% said they’re likely to have one-night stands in general and be more active overall on dating website –72% of them have visited one, and only 58% of iPhoners and 50% of BlackBerryites have done the same. We are noticing a trend.

But if you want someone to woo you in the cubicles at work, 25% of single iPhone people have had an office romance in the last five years. They’re also going to call you after only one day after a date, whereas Android and BlackBerry owners will hold out for two or three dates before checking in.

BlackBerry finally wins something in this non-contest, as they’re going to be drinking on the first date — 72% of them, and 67% of them believe in love at first sight. Which, really, could be just called “beer goggles.”

iPhone, BlackBerry, Android: Who’s more likely to have sex on the first date? [Toronto Star]

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