Angry Reviewers Sink Susan G. Komen Foundation's GuideStar Rating

As you’ve probably read about in the last few days, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (also known as Susan G. Komen for the Cure) decided to stop funding breast exams and mammograms at Planned Parenthood locations. This has obviously not gone over well with a number of people who view the decision as a capitulation to Christian conservatives. So in response, some of them have taken to the non-profit world’s equivalent of Yelp to voice their disapproval.

GuideStar is probably the biggest destination for anyone wishing to check out the bona fide’s of a non-profit organization. And up until the Komen foundation’s announcement earlier this week, it had enjoyed the benefit of enough five-star reviews to balance out the occasional burst of negative comments over the years.

But since the Planned Parenthood decision was made public, more than 170 people have jumped online to give the Foundation a low rating and a negative review. As thing stands right now, you need to click through to the tenth page of reviews until you find one that isn’t a 1-star slam on the non-profit, and even that one is only a 2-star review. In fact, you need to go back to June 2011 before you find a 5-star review.

Here are just a few reviews that are characteristic of the backlash:

This is an organization that used to be proud of the lives saved by the cancer screenings they funded at Planned Parenthood. The only conclusion I can draw from their sudden defunding is that more women need to suffer and die. I don’t support that and neither should anyone else.

I am so ashamed of what SGK has done. I have volunteered at races, I have donated money many times. I had no idea that they were political. I was beginning to be annoyed by their constant requests for money (several times a year), but this goes beyond the pale. I’m done. I will direct those dollars to Planned Parenthood, an organization that I KNOW cares about women.

Early breast cancer detection is critical (albeit not a guarantee) for long-term survival. The SGK’s grant to PP provided services for thousands of poor women who did not have access to insurance or other cost-effective medical services. SGK’s decision in my opinion does not live up to SGK’s statement of purpose. Further, a non-profit organization that expends over $40 million a year for administrative expenses probably needs more scrutiny from donors–I am just sorry that I did not ask questions about the budget until now. If you are interested in supporting an organization that provides affordable or free medical services to women in need but don’t want to donate to PP, look to your local free clinics, as well. Good bye SGK. I am sure you will not notice my missing donation (in your +$300 million dollar annual fundraising) but I am sure that PP and my local community free clinic will certainly notice and appreciate the funds.

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