Press This Button And Wait For A Police Officer To Escort You To The Mall Bathroom

If you want to use the family restroom at a mall in Raleigh, N.C., go for it! Of course, first you have to press a button and wait for a police officer to show up and take you into it. Don’t worry, there’s a convenient microphone and two-way camera for receiving instructions as to how to proceed in this high-security situation.

Cheryl snapped a picture of the sign entailing who, what, when and how the family restroom is to be used. She wonders whether the police don’t have something better to do at the mall than escort people to the restroom. Like you know, keeping an eye out for shoplifters, perhaps.

The guidelines on a nicely mounted wooden frame read, in part, as follows:

To Enter

Please press the button and our police officer will be happy to assist you. A two-way microphone and security camera will assist you in communicating with our officer.

Adults Must Be Accompanied By A Child.

Perhaps there have been nefarious dealings or otherwise unfortunate activities going down in family restrooms, but Cheryl says the mall is a nice one where she wouldn’t think a police officer would be necessary to unlock a room with a changing table.


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