Megaupload User Data To Get Two-Week Stay Of Execution

Things were looking grim for the millions of users who had made mega uploads to Megaupload, as authorities stated that data could begin being deleted off the site’s servers as early as this Thursday. But the two hosting companies that currently house all those files aren’t ready to bring down the virtual axe just yet.

Megaupload’s assets have been seized so they can’t pay the hosting bills at either Carpathia Hosting or Cogent Communications. And since the Dept. of Justice no longer has any need for those files, it says the hosting companies can go ahead and hit that big, glowing red button we imagine they have installed for the purpose of mass deletion.

But Megaupload’s megaattorney says the hosting companies have agreed to wait at least two weeks before giving into the temptation to flush all those files down the drain.

“The hosting companies have been gracious enough to provide additional time so we can work out some kind of arrangement with the government,” said the lawyer.

Reprieve: MegaUpload’s data safe for two more weeks [cnet]


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  1. Cat says:

    So, the files, they’re still in limbo? I mean, there’s no way to get your files back, right?

    • DariusC says:

      Nope, it would be great if users could start retreiving their files in this 2-week timeframe, but it’s just another 2 weeks they are giving the government to rule on this case and either release or keep the mega-assets. They are basically saying “You have two weeks to start paying your bills again before we delete all the data. We didn’t delete it already because Megaupload gives us a ton of business and we don’t want to lose it (yet)!”

  2. Coleoptera Girl says:

    It blows my mind that anyone using a filesharing website for non-pirated material would neglect to backup that material, whether it be in a cloud, in an internal or external hard drive, or even on CDs!
    It’s “nice” of the hosting company to not delete all the digital material, though… I can imagine that it would result in a boycott. Not sure how effective the boycott would be.

    • FreshPorcupineSalad says:

      You mean backed up to an online file storage site.. like Megaupload…

      • Coleoptera Girl says:

        Oh, wait…

        I meant in multiple places. My bad. :)

      • humphrmi says:

        You’re close. Megaupload should be the backup, and unless your original primary storage goes Tango Uniform at the same time, you just back up your original data to a new storage company, and join the thousands of litigants who will try to get their money back from Megaupload.

        The problem is that some people used Mega as their *only* copy of data. Sucks to be them.

  3. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    Mega is the new prefix for megathings

  4. ancientone567 says:

    Well if you had your own copyrighted material on megaupload you can sue them for stealing it or destroying! lol

  5. Kaleey says:

    It’s not like anyone iws getting their files back in this time period. Those files are (sadly enough) gone with the wind, unless some private benefactor steps up and pays the hosting companies for some service.

    Actually, I wonder if there would be a company interested in doing that. Maybe another file sharing site? “Here’s a window for downlaoding your files – and sign up now for OUR monthly rate!”