Amazon Wants To Make Sure Your Tiny Purchase Has Lots Of Breathing Room During Shipping

Heaven forbid a four-pack of valve caps, weighing maybe about an ounce, not have enough room during shipping to spread out, breathe and generally feel the calming effects of roomy comfort. That must have been the thought process when Amazon decided to send Tara her purchase in a huge box instead of a more appropriately-sized conveyance.

She says she ordered the caps from Amazon, where they’re listed at less than two ounces, and was astonished when they arrived in the Yukon Denali of boxes, along with a few obligatory air-pocket thingies.

“Why do they not have envelopes to use?” she asked.

Forget an envelope — that box looks to be about two feet wide and one foot deep, at least. There are surely smaller options lying around, hmm, Amazon?


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