Who Put This Stupid Light Pole In The Way Of My Southwest Flight?

Earlier this morning, a Southwest Airlines flight made it all the way from Los Angeles to Denver without any apparent incident. That is, until the huge Boeing 737 managed to clip a light pole.

“I was just in a plane crash!!” wrote InstaGram user hilarynh, who was savvy enought to snap a picture of the incident through her window on the jet. “Seriously. The pilot hit a light pole.”

According to KWGN news, the incident happened around 9:30 a.m. MT this morning while Southwest flight 792 was making its way form the runway to the gate at Denver International Airport.

Looks like no one was hurt and the airport continued to operate without a hitch. Though we’re sure there was some grumbling and muttering from the unlucky folks who had to go out there and fix the knocked-over pole.

Southwest Airlines jet hits light pole at Denver International Airport [KWGN.com]

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