Do Your Homework Before Comparing Flight Prices

New regulations require airlines to post the full price of airfare, taxes included. The changes are meant to give consumers a more accurate idea of what the full costs of their flights will be, but they don’t always tell the whole story.

U.S. News & World Report suggests researching airlines’ fee policies in advance to get a read on the hidden charges that lurk. Checked baggage, in-flight WiFi, meals and other add-ons could add up. Check out this Kayak chart to compare the various fees and policies of each airline.

Booking flights on the sticker price alone may lead you astray, so pricing out the full cost of your flight and the amenities you’ll need will help you compare apples to apples.

What the New Airfare Rules Mean for You [U.S. News & World Report]


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  1. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    Kayak FTW!

  2. Overheal says:

    Does clippy need to help with your spellcheck? Is clippy gonna have to slap a dude?

  3. zh8705 says:

    The headline should probably be “Do YOUR Homework Before Comparing Flight Prices”


    • scoutermac says:

      I was just thinking the same thing.

    • Worstdaysinceyesterday says:

      You do you homework, I do I homework. Hulk smash!

      • Cat says:

        Your post reminds me of a local Jamaican record store called “I and I Music”. It was located inside a fenced compound with a Jamaican food store and some houses. One day I delivered a few thousand dollars worth of appliances – and the Rastas paid CASH, and tipped my partner and I $100 each. The cops raided the compound a month later.

    • LightningUsagi says:

      The weird think is that the URL for the article says ‘your’ but the headline doesn’t. That took some skill.

  4. CelticWhisper says:

    Is it a commercial flight subject to post-9/11 screening rules? Yes.
    Do I have to interact with TSA as a condition of boarding? Yes.

    Homework done. Not flying.

  5. HogwartsProfessor says:

    The only extra expense I might have is if I check a bag. I usually bring a snack and buy food at the airport or wait until I get off the plane. It would be nice to upgrade but I can’t afford it. The only time I bought something on the plane was recently when I got a little comfort pack for the inflatable pillow because my neck was killing me. I kept it and will just take it with me next time. It deflates so I can shove it in my bag if I don’t need it.

    • maxamus2 says:

      I still don’t know why people have to EAT all the time, everywhere they go. It’s like if they go 2 hours wtihout eating they will wilt away and die.

      • Firethorn says:

        In my case it’s actually part of my diet to lose weight.

        I’ll eat something darn near every hour – but it’ll be something small like a piece of fruit.

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        I know! I have to eat regularly or my stupid hiatal hernia stupid acidy GERDy stomach acts like a bitch, but I don’t need to have giant amounts of food (can’t eat that anyway) or overpriced chips on the stupid airplane.

        I pack some almonds and maybe a pack of cheese and some cut-up Korean pear if I can get them. I almost never fly non-stop, so there is usually a way to get something at the airport if I have a long layover and need to eat dinner.

  6. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    I still say if the TSA denies you boarding a plane because you don’t follow their silly rules, they are illegally interfering with interstate commerce. My plane ticket is a contract between me and the airline. The government has no business interfering and their own laws say so.

  7. Rocket says:

    Hipmunk/Kayak FTW!